Oh yes we are retired…1st road trip

It’s not clear to me (yet) the difference between retirement and vacation. On our first journey, we’ll compare/contrast and attempt to have a point of view. Or not.

Monday. Ride centennial trail 25 miles, Snohomish WA.

Badly out of shape; still trying to get rid of desk butt. The town of Snohomish is totally cute.

Tuesday. Long Beach, WA

Greg wasn’t impressed but the pictures look fun. Not sure if we went to the same place.


Wednesday & Thursday. Cannon Beach, OR (by way of Tillamook for a free snack)

Gloomy spring days allowed for rainy walks on the beach and binge watching shows.


Friday & Saturday. Portland, OR

Of course, one our fav cities (for now)..good old faithful has good food and great walks around town.

Sunday: Home sweet home

We ended the trip by stopping at Greg’s casino, Ilani. We had a really good brunch for a decent price. Very fancy casino….

I didn’t take pics so in honor of the cowlitz tribe, here is the barn quilt I painted during the first week of retirement. Well it’s now a house quilt.


So, to answer the first question: what is the difference between vacation and retirement? Hmmm…perhaps the question should be “what is the difference of a vacation whilst gainfully employed vs a vacation whilst retired?”

Results of this adventure: inconclusive. More research needed.

Cheers. 🙂


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