Xmas 2015

‘Twas the week before Xmas, and chilly that day
At “Smithson” museums, on segues we play
Dude walking the line, or puking from car.
Wow, what happened to Maryland? Glad Seattle is far.

’15 was busy. Oh my it went fast.
Since last rhyming blogging, we’ve had such a blast.
We began last year with the Polar Bear Run
Then food tour in Portland, and running was fun

Sideways snow in Fells Point, on St. Valentine’s Day
Left us soaking wet, but we wanted to play
We bathed in town tub, there in Berkeley Springs
“Damn Hot!” yelled Greg , “I burned off my things.”

Flew down to Atlanta to visit Uncles & Aunt
“Friggin Cold,” I say. I did have to rant
We biked off to Woodinville, on sunny birthday
Back to Philly and OC. “Getting old!,” I must say

Camping and hiking on the Oregon Coast
A glimpse into retirement, we don’t mean to boast
Greg built his gazebo, that we really enjoy
We still work at Microsoft–a great employ

As we think about last year, and dream with more fun
We’ll be gutsy next year, and plan a big one
My rhyming is awful, but we love Schoolhouse beer
Happy holidays, fancy dreams, and a great new year



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