Twas the Month Before New Years 2014 at Inga and Greg’s

1 ‘Twas the month before New Year’s, and what did we find?

2 Our bucket list empty. Our planning behind.

3 ‘Cos Twenty-Fourteen was another fine year,

4 With Family and Friends and so much good cheer.

5 For starters, we each trekked our own little niche;

6 Greg skied Steamboat, and I—warm in Cocoa Beach!

7 Then, last minute journey to Hopkins, Belize;

8 Completely chilled out and enjoyed that sea breeze.

9   But, we needn’t go far to unplug for a bit;

10 In Pioneer Square—delicious foodie trip.

11 Fished in Alaska and boated Pend Oreille.

12 Greg showed his Chevy on a fine sunny day.

13 Kayaked Seward, Orcas, Victoria too.

14 Giant flowers in Packwood for—can you guess who?!

15 In Poulsbo and Pullman, Elkton and Philly.

16 Distill’ry Tour, Bike-n-Brews may’ve been silly.

17 Climbed top of Mount Baker. Rem’nisced in So-Cal.

18 We saw so many smiles, we have to say, “Wow!”

19 Blue crabs in Rock Hall and biked-the-boards, “Hon”

20 We’re now getting ready for the Polar Bear Run!

21 So, we’ll start our new list with muse and delight.

22 Sending warm wishes for your cold winter nights . . .

23 Grand Adventures to All, for Any Ol’ Reason—

24 Safe Travels, Good Heath, and a Jolly Good Season!


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