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May Madness – Random 2013

May was really full, although we basically stayed around the homestead.

On Mother’s day, Greg and I “ran” the Kirkland Half Marathon. And that concludes my running days! We were officially in the “shuffler” group, but then formed our own “slacker” group. We did win that division!

Once again our friends, Kevin and Karol treated us to a fun evening, where we met them in their houseboat on Lake Union. (I think that’s where we were J )

We were told: go to the mosaic, then head down the stairs….

SO, here’s the mosaic. I do believe we need one at Dragon Place!

Enjoying a wine (or tequila) with cheese and crackers on the deck.



What a lifestyle these people have! Worlds away from the chaos of Redmond or 405. I do believe we need a houseboat. Anyone want to share?


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Jordan’s Bday 2013


Jordan’s Bday month this year was, according to Jordan, “interesting.”

On one rare occasion, where Jordan was the only kid at home, we took Jordan to the Celtic Bayou. Basically, this is a bar. Apparently, she liked it.

Jordan also went to camp this year. Here she is all packed up and ready to go. I think she liked camp. Perhaps some day she’ll blog about it (hint hint)


Jordan came home from camp on her birthday. The next day, we went on the Duck and toured Seattle. What a great tour of the city and the weather was awesome!




Then, later that weekend, we went to Tokyo, and had a “fun time.” (Quotes, compliments of Jordan)

And, since Jordan’s bro had wanted to name her “flower” when she was born, we made her a flower cake.

Happy Birthday, Jordan!



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