Portland – Inga’s Bday – 2013


For my birthday this year, Greg treated us to a Portland excursion. We left Tacoma on the Amtrak.

I’m thinking, the train has to be the best way to travel from Seattle to Portland. It’s so relaxing and smooth. Dining cart is decent. Plenty of legroom. Very laid-back.

We arrived in Portland and, unlike our last trip here, the weather was a great-> A perfect spring day in the Pacific Northwest. After dropping off our luggage, we spent the day exploring the University and Downtown districts, and along the waterfront. We walked at least 5 miles, probably more.

Then, we jumped onto our Segway tour. What a blast. Two hours, screaming-fast to see parts of the city we would never have been able to explore on foot alone.


The following picture is the world’s smallest park. Yes, right there in the middle of the street. So funny.

This pathway is on the other side of the river from Portland.

One of the unique things about Portland’s eating scene are these little truck carts all over the place. I’ve heard they are good, but we’ve not yet bought anything more than a Corona and an elephant ear. Maybe next time, we’ll try some unique Thai, Indian, or Greek treat.

After Segway, we headed to Jake’s and had delicious seafood. It was the perfect way to end the perfect day.

On Sunday we ventured to the Saturday Market (yes, Saturday market is open on Sundays)… So many vendors, live music, food carts and so much fun.

By the way, did see that Rogue now makes Vodoo Donuts beer (Maple bacon beer). No, we didn’t try one. It’s in a Pepto-colored bottle. Something just doesn’t sound or look apetizing.

The city has these water fountains, running all the time. Natural spring water pumped in.


We saw teenagers skateboarding and loitering. We also saw lots of folks with spiked black hair, guys with big guage earrings, and hand-in-hand gays and lesbians all over. There were cyclists, roller bladers, and joggers (and Segways J ). Portland seems to be a bit dressier than Seattle. Women everywhere were wearing dresses and spike heels and guys in sports jackets (Where are the Ugs, Merels, and fleece?). We saw a very dirty homeless guy, with giant beer gut, wearing a Columbia jacket….. just seems like anything goes here.

In retrospect: Portland also seems to have a lot of street people (of all ages and both genders), who sleep in the parks and on the sidewalks, all hours of the day. Perhaps the fresh flowing water and the random city toilets around the city are reasons why there are so many homeless people. Not sure. It’s sad.

On the flip side, Portland is clean, public transportation is accessible, and the seafood is super-fresh. And, despite all the different types of people, Portland is very quiet, just the random tram buzz every now and again.

Oh, yes, and I’m told to remind Greg: Portland is a beer city. Do not order a Manhattan in Portland J.

Thanks, Greg and Portland, for a great birthday! We’ll be back. J


Here’s our fun places

Westin Portland

Centrally located, about 15 min walk from train station. Nice breakfast.

Jakes Famous Crawfish

Fresh, fresh fish!

Sit at back bar for a cozy treat

Portland’s Saturday Market

Great people watching

Local artists


Segway in Portland

Casual and fun tour guide
















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