Zermatt, Switzerland

June 30 2012

Zermatt was actually a pretty interesting little place.

Attention Euro-Delivery Drivers: Do not drive all the way to Zermatt!

After we drove there (via a road that had barely one-lane in spots and appeared to be washed out some century ago), we were met by a man who kindly told us that motor cars were not allowed in Zermatt and that we needed to turn around. So, back through the rubble road we went, parked the car in a nearby town, and took a 15 minute train ride back.

The town is full of hikers and cyclists and super-mini-size electric vehicles (taxis, trash trucks, and so-called buses) … Greg looks like a giant next to this trash truck:

The food experience in Zermatt was “pretty good.” What stands out to me was breakfast in candlelight … while we were experiencing the town and admiring the “Rolex, Tag” stores, the daily heard of goats were escorted through town by what looked like a bunch of boy scouts. How cute!

The town is clean and pretty unique. Be warned that during dinner, however, you may get surrounded by a pack of smelly hikers!

My first look at a Swiss Bank J

And, yes: the river runs thru the town….

Oh, yes I did climb down the bank and stick my foot in the f’n cold water!

The Matterhorn

And like our Mt. Rainier, seeing the horn of the Matterhorn is not always easy. Here is our most clear picture of the elusive peak! Maybe next time we’ll get to see it all the way to the top.

Yes, I could see Greg wanting to come back to explore the trails in more detail…and BTW: when in Zermatt at Irish pub: pass on the Guinness. It was the coldest beer I had the entire trip. Blah. What were they thinking?


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