Treisenburg, Liechtenstein

June 29-30, 2012

When in Europe with no reservations and a new M3, sometimes you just have to explore.

“Hey, why don’t we go to Liechtenstein.”

“Where’s that?” I asked

“Don’t know, but it’s another country. Doesn’t that sound cool?”

The Drive

The drive to Liechtenstein was beautiful and scary (for me) all at the same time.

The town

The town of Treisenburg overlooks Vaduz. It’s not clear to me why people built on the side of mountains….but it certainly had amazing views of the valley. There wasn’t much to do where we stayed, but the hotel restaurant served a delicious pork dinner. It also gave us some downtime (much needed for me).

And, by the way, Lichtenstein is not in the EU, so it is NOT on the approved list for European delivery. You should not go. Glad we got the experience, though!


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