Driving to Zermatt through the Swiss Alps

June 30, 2012

Welcome to Switzerland

All I can say about the drive to Zermatt is that pictures just do not do this ride justice. This was honestly an amazing experience and it deserves its own page!

The narrow road, most with shoulders of only sheer rock walks, winds up and down and around, and around—as low as 2000 feet in places and up past 7500 feet, and sometimes with just a one-lane road—Greg and his M got us to our Matterhorn destination safely. Honestly, this ride puts any Disneyland roller coaster ride to shame. There was one spot, where we met a full- size tour bus, several farm tractors, a pod of motorcycles, crazy Lance-Armstrong-like cyclists, hikers, oh, and cows (proudly wearing their bells), not to mention the ordinary Porsche or two all meeting in the same spot, some 7,000 up in the clouds…

And now for the picture show…and just remember: I’m afraid of heights, Greg likes to drive fast, narrow roads with no shoulder…and imagine: I have to hold on with the same hand that I’m taking pictures with….all so that we can blog about it! J

The traffic

The Hairpin turns

Looking Down, Up and Out!

I love this next picture…yes, I think I could have touched the waterfall from the car window!


The Locals

It seemed everyone farmed hay. I loved seeing all the generations out hand-tilling the crop. Honestly, this next picture is in honor of my son, Zach, who loves to help us in the yard at home (not).


After driving all day through the hairpin turns of the Swiss Alps, we found a roadside restaurant right next to a river. Here, the fast food was a mild sausage, dark roll, and a beer; then we got an extra beer for the road. Both beers were quite tasty. Or, maybe I was just relaxing after the driving ordeal….either way, this was the first place where the beer wasn’t very cold…And now, we are on a mission to find these sausages at home!

Now…onto Zermatt….


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