Dijon, France

June 30 & July 1, 2012

We headed to Dijon, because we went over the recommended 1,200 service check for the M and the car needed service.

Driving through this section of France was fairly uninteresting. Well, that’s probably not a fair statement, since we had just spent three days experiencing the Alps. This part of France is flat and full of corn fields. Where’s the grapes? I guess that’s for me to find out next visit!

The Town of Dijon

When we arrived in Dijon, we had no place to stay. We totally lucked out with the GPS that directed us to a higher-end Best Western right in town. However, on Sundays: most everything is closed…..well, except for the locals pub. These guys knew English but totally refused to speak it. I had heard these rumors, and—voilà—proven right! These guys, however, were such characters. The sign on the door said “no smoking” and everyone was smoking. The bartender was drinking (and singing) along with his few patrons.

The town is old and not well kept….I guess not really touristy…But, it served our purpose and the BMW dealer nearby took good care of the M and got us out of there by 11.

Dining Lessons

Few restaurants and shops are open on Sundays. Beer, not great. Choose wine, Duh!

But, on the bright side, because Greg has experience with French food, we played it safe and found a pizza place. Actually, the food was delicious, the waiter was kind, and he knew enough English to help us pair a local wine with our calzone.

We ended dinner with crème Brule and cappuccino. Yum.


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