Salzburg, Austria

June 26, 27 2012

I just loved Salzburg. Don’t get me wrong—Prague (Praha) was an experience, but it is full of graffiti and full of people. So, what an unexpected pleasure it was to explore this pristine city that is full of history, culture, and ambiance.

The trip from Prague was uneventful, after we actually got out of the city during rush hour—Again: kudos to the M and my chauffeur !!

Our hotel included parking, and the garage was actually inside a mountain!

We started our journey, snacking on pate, sausage, cheeses, and hearty breads

This was our view during lunch dining…no cars at all on this stretch of the road where we stayed.

With absolutely perfect weather, I really appreciated walking around town. Tourists of Salzburg come for a variety of reasons, including the home of Mozart and the Sound of Music. What’s neat about this is that the musicians in the streets are actually very talented!

The Funicular

Now, see this section deserves a heading. As you may know, I’m terrified of heights. And, being married to someone who likes to climb mountains has forced me to try to just deal with it!

So, after a quite tasty beverage (or two?) we wandered toward to castle that overlooks the city and found the funicular. The Wha..? I had never even heard of the thing…

Here we go….

And, yes, on the way back down, I did stand in the front row and look straight down the tracks.

The Castle: Festung Hohensalzburg

What can I say? It’s my first castle tour. The best thing about this castle is the panoramic views of Salzburg. Absolutely beautiful.

Food Experience

After the tour, we tried out the castle pub…and tried our first Weiner schnitzel….seriously?!?! We were expecting some sausage thing…Instead, we discovered pounded flat pork, battered, fried. Not at all what we expected and while the meat was tender, I wouldn’t order this again. And if we ever did return to this place, I’d just stick with the bier and forego the food. We watched the chef cook outside and I’m not really sure how sanitary it was…

Nevertheless, I loved Salzburg: the food, the people, the sounds…


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