Prague, Czech Republic

June 25 – 27, 2012

We stayed for 1 day and 2 nights in Prague, which was more than enough time to fight the tourist crowds on the cobblestoned streets and sidewalks during the day.

For our one day in Prague, we chose to do the obligatory tourist thing and spent the next day walking and exploring Prague castle….

The view of the city was amazing….

This particular statue was funny to me….Imagine: 20 Asian folks surrounding the statue and the women, one-by-one, timidly going up to touch the penis and have their picture taken by their amused “other halfs.” It was so comical watching them. And, now you know why the penis is really shiny! J

(I really can’t believe I got this shot when no one was around the statue…)

Gothic style is all around…it’s hard to describe the magnitude of these structures …

The tour of the small town (inside the castle) was, I think, worth the extra money….but, I also enjoyed inspecting the old castle walls and imagining how the castle was once fortified.

But, most of all, I liked getting away from the crowds to explore the city. There was a ton of graffitti, but the canals were beautiful and I’m still amazed at how clean the city is, at least in the area in which we stayed.

And, in all of our travels, we saw the most love locks on the bridges here. Some of them were even professionally engraved. Perhaps next European delivery trip, we’ll bring a lock.

This art display of the massive size guns, reminded me of a cartoon I saw recently about tech companies culture. In other words, it reminded me of work! And, yes, that was the last time I thought about work on our adventure!

Prague at Night

Night time was a bit more interesting, where the eerie statues on the Charles Bridge watched over the beggars, artists, and tourists. I’m not sure if the scene was better on our first night when it was raining, or the second night where we happened to be right on the bridge when some random fireworks lit the sky. Both experiences were unique.

Our hotel was next to some type of consulate. Great accommodations and beautiful views of the bridge.

And, about the food experience

There were two choices for beer in Prague: light and dark (oh, yes, and the Czech-style Budweiser). I chose the light Pil (a bit bitter) and Greg chose the dark (not too heavy, mildly sweet). Although we drank our share of the Czech beer, it was my least favorite. But the food in the city was very good, similar to the German flare of cheese, sausage, pretzels, pizza, and crepes (which they call pancakes).



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