The M Experience

This shot says it all….

After leaving the  Welt, we cruised to Prague. About half the time, there was no speed limit on the AB. After being passed by a few Peugeots and a VW bus or two, Greg decided to test out M Muscle. Going 140mph was a piece of cake…he slowed down only when he saw my white knuckles…

Then, about an hour later, I asked, “what’s this “power” button for?”

“Oh, wow…we went 140 with just 300 HP….”

So, no, Jacob…he didn’t max it out yet.

We finally made it to our hotel in Prague (an adventure in itself), and while the M is fast, it’s also nimble in these cobblestone streets, where cars share the roads with trains, taxis, bikes, and people…..

Today, Greg’s starting the day figuring out the right way to open to doors and turn on the windshield wipers….We’re off to check out the city…more later….


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