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Ok…so, we needed to get off the beaten path: no reservations and all….

So, instead of heading into Switzerland just yet, we stopped in Liechtenstein.

We meant to go to Vaduz, but found a deal and ended up in Triesenberg, which is about 1/3 way up the mountain…amazing views, so we took a break in a cafe that overlooks Vaduz (rather a mountain-side village) to catch up on the blog.

And here we are and before we head out to explore the 3 shops here,  we just have to show you the food….

We couldn’t figure out who left the Prep H on the table…Ha. So’s mustard for the yummy sausage…We’re off to find Swiss Francs  (no Euros here)

…mustard and sausage for a quick snack…

Not sure yet where we’ll be tomorrow..likely Switzerland….we’ll see. Ciao.

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Salzburg, Austria

We’ve been on the move, so we’re writing this from Liechtenstein, where we’re having a quiet afternoon remembering the last several days…

What can I say about Salzburg? We should have stayed longer, I think.

What a beautiful city. Not too crowded, full of history and truly nice folks.

Of course, we had to try the food: olive and cheese plate, with “mixed meat pâté” was awesome..more later

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Prague Night One

Ok, Lesson One. Bring detailed map to Prague, especially if you plan to drive here.

With the one-way, cobble stone, and many deadend streets, it took us 2 hours to get the car to the hotel. We did have to park and walk to find the hotel, but even the GPS kept throwing us off….

On the bright side, our room is amazing: right on the river with a nice view of the Charles Bridge. The first night, we had some great pizza and czech beer (I think they were great..Or, maybe just really hungry since it was 10pm)…and a stroll in the rain toward the Prague Castle side of the river showed showed off the large tourism influence here.

Charles Bridge view from our room

Not sure what this is….we’ll find out this morning…

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The M Experience

This shot says it all….

After leaving the  Welt, we cruised to Prague. About half the time, there was no speed limit on the AB. After being passed by a few Peugeots and a VW bus or two, Greg decided to test out M Muscle. Going 140mph was a piece of cake…he slowed down only when he saw my white knuckles…

Then, about an hour later, I asked, “what’s this “power” button for?”

“Oh, wow…we went 140 with just 300 HP….”

So, no, Jacob…he didn’t max it out yet.

We finally made it to our hotel in Prague (an adventure in itself), and while the M is fast, it’s also nimble in these cobblestone streets, where cars share the roads with trains, taxis, bikes, and people…..

Today, Greg’s starting the day figuring out the right way to open to doors and turn on the windshield wipers….We’re off to check out the city…more later….

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The M

After a long and sleepy day yesterday in Munich, today has been about The Car. The Welt: awesome breakfast (fresh pretzel and brat), delivery, the tour, then a quick lunch with some amazing German beers. We’re off to Prague..with more later. The Man is happy…..

Mr. GGB and his new M3

Any place that starts with “the” should be respected….Lunch at the Welt.

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Day 1: travel day

Looks like flight is on time….we have 2 hours before we leave and we’re still not packed…..gotta go!

Rolf met us at the airport and immediately started the tour guide experience, sharing his enthusiasm of the city, the car, and the adventure.

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Our Honeymoon

Today is Wednesday, 6/20/2012. It’s actually my sister’s birthday, and every year on this date, I always reflect about life.

And, Boy, life is good these days.

We leave for Munich in 3 1/2 days.  Not that I’m counting. We’ll try to keep up with the blog as we travel. But if we don’t, then I’m sure we’re off exploring and having a great time…

In Feb, Greg ordered his 2012 M3

Here’s the map of our journey…..7 countries in 2 weeks….

7 Countries, maybe 8...

Our Honeymoon Map

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